Mobile Device Mgmt

Secure your mobile devices and keep a close eye on sensitive enterprise data both inside and outside companies' walls

The Key Benefits of our Mobile Device Mgmt Services

  • Strong Security

  • Tracking and Locating

  • iOS & Android Support

  • Mobile Application Management

  • Password Enforcement

  • Remote Lock

  • Camera Control

  • Remote Wipe

Mobile Device Mgmt

Ensures complete protection of all your enterprise mobile endpoints and enables a detailed control over companies’ mobile devices fleet.

In the BYOD era, where the line between work and leisure gets thinner day by day, we offer enhanced security for sensitive company information stored on personal smartphones and tablets and discrete monitoring over personal mobile device use in corporate environments, allowing at the same time a clear limitation between business and private employee stored data.

Technical Overview

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  • Strong Security

    Easy over-the-air control over mobile devices and enforcement of strong security policies to keep sensitive business data secured on any mobile endpoint at anytime.

  • Tracking and Locating

    Closely monitor company’s mobile devices and know at all times where your company sensitive data is. See the current location of a device and apply an action necessary if the device was lost or stolen and needs to be located.

  • Application Monitoring

    Know at all times what apps your employees downloading and using on their mobile devices, keeping a discreet line between work and leisure.

DLP and MDM in the Cloud

Discover how your business will benefit from our integrated cloud based DLP and MDM solution.

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