Microsoft Office Training

With cloud-based training you can improve your knowledge from virtually anywhere.

The Key Benefits of our Microsoft Office Training Services

  • Personalised Syllabus

  • Measure Improvements

  • Cloud-Based Training

  • Company Dashboard

Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft Office is a staple of the modern workplace. Being proficient in programmes like Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook is a prerequisite for knowledge workers.

If you’re looking to upskill your staff and increase their proficiency and productivity then our Microsoft training courses delivered by leading online training platform Filtered will do just that. Your staff will learn all the functions and tricks needed to streamline their work, best practices to use and how to collaborate more effectively.

Technical Overview

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  • Customised syllabus for each user

    By asking a series of questions at the start of the course the content can be tailored to be more relevant to each user.

  • Measurement and Calibration

    Initial tests act as a benchmark allowing post course tests to demonstrate improvements. Individual and company dashboards allow users and managers to review progress.

  • Adaptive Algorithm

    Filtered’s algorithm is itself adaptive, using each learner’s activity on the site to improve itself. This is a continuous process and constantly adapts with each new user.

Online Office Training from Filtered

Filtered provides online courses that maximize the impact on its users and their businesses, while minimizing the time they spend training. It does this by stripping out anything they don’t need to learn, by focusing on content that is of most use in real businesses; and by adapting the syllabus to each user, removing topics they are already confident with or don’t need in their own work.

Popular Office Training Packages

  • Single Course

    Improve your knowledge in a particular Office application of your choosing.

  • Microsoft Office Pack

    Subscribe to all 8 courses to improve your knowledge across the Microsoft Office product range.

  • Business Pack

    Improve your knowledge and skills in areas such as Project Management, Leadership & Management and Business Analysis.

  • All Courses

    Subscribe to both the Microsoft Office and Business Training packages at significantly reduced rates.

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