Hosted SharePoint

Managed Microsoft SharePoint Hosting

The Key Benefits of our Hosted SharePoint Services

  • Team websites

  • Project management

  • Document management

  • Improved team productivity

  • Users stay up to speed

  • Guaranteed reliability

Hosted SharePoint

Hosted SharePoint unlocks the potential for truly productive collaboration. Share documents and data, manage multiple projects – all on one secure online platform. Teams can work together more effectively, wherever they are, with remote access from any device.

Managed SharePoint lets you to leave the pain of administration, the worry of security, and the hassle of upgrading and patching behind. ‘Managed’ means we handle all the parts you don’t want to.

Technical Overview

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  • SharePoint Templates

    SharePoint lets you upload custom or third-party templates to adapt the service to your workflow. You can also choose from our library of pre-built SharePoint templates.

  • Centralised Platform

    Make it easy for your teams to seamlessly access your files, databases, reports and other important documents from a variety of platforms without compromising on security.

  • Support for mobile users

    The new SharePoint supports more mobile clients than ever before and has much improved integration with existing devices supported across a range of platforms.

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