EndPoint Protection

Build a layered defense with business security solutions.

The Key Benefits of our EndPoint Protection Services

  • Powerful Anti-Virus

  • Integrated Patch Management

  • Malicious URL Blocking

  • Windows & 3rd Party Patching

  • 24/7 Monitoring

EndPoint Protection

With today’s threat actors continuing to evolve their tradecraft by employing more advanced and evasive techniques targeting the endpoint, it’s all about mitigating the risk and the potential reach of any intrusion.

Combining a small-footprint antivirus with integrated patch management, our endpoint security solutions protect your networks by addressing today’s top threats, including unpatched software, malicious email and infected websites in the workplace.

Technical Overview

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  • Comprehensive Protection

    Our multi-layered desktop defence solution combines behaviour and signature based detection methods to deliver comprehensive protection against today’s threats.

  • Fast, effective Patch Management

    Simplify patch management by automatically patching 3rd party as well as Microsoft applications on workstations, servers and remote users.

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